Happy New Year everyone!

January specials are listed below and we can't wait to see you and get you glammed up. Here's to 2021 and a great reset.

  • LUNCH TIME LASER Laser rejuvenation with the 1064 hand piece. We call it the lunch time laser because of the ease and quickness of this laser that has no down time. It's great for light skin rejuvenation and collagen stimulation. We use it for hair reduction on darker skin, skin tag/cherry angiomas removal, and it treats acne like a champ. All of those treatments are $150 this month. For the treatment of leg capiliaries on the legs and face - these treatments are 25% off during January.
  • WEIGHT LOSS We have revamped our weight loss program and now have a 3-month sign up special. Your 3-month program includes: 3 months of menus, 3 Styku body composition scans, vitamin package, 7-day detox, weekly weigh-ins in person or via our App, meeting with health and wellness coach, weight loss App and remote scale with virtual access to a certified health and wellness coach, and complimentary sauna sessions. A $612 value that can be purchased for $499 with lots of great add on savings. More details here
  • SALT FACIAL $175 An award winning high end facial that combines the beauty of pure natural sea salt with cutting edge science. Restore, replenish, rejuvenate. Great for acne, anti-aging, and dull skin needing a pick me up. The results are better skin tone, even skin tone, refined skin pores, fewer acne outbreaks, tighter, more youthful skin, softer skin, healthy glow, younger appearance, renewed skin elasticity, happier you!
  • INTRAGEN SPECIAL Using radio frequency (RF) this treatment is great for tightening and contouring while stimulating your own natural collagen. It's great for anti-aging: wrinkles, skin toning, texturing nasolabial folds, the chin line and large pores. Lower face is on sale for $250. Combine with a Salt Facial for $425 or combine with our 1064 special for $400.
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