About our md weight loss center

The staff at Bodyshop MD Weight Loss Center combines the most reliable weight loss practices today to provide you a unique weight loss regime under the supervision of a board certified medical doctor, nurse practitioners and nutritionists.

Bodyshop MD Weight Loss Center was formed to provide patients a safe, effective weight loss management system. Permanent weight loss is achievable once you take time and make a commitment.

Our promise to you is to provide the “TLC” often missing in other weight loss programs. Our goal is simple: to help our patients lose weight and become healthy while under medical supervision. We now have a weight loss app which is a virtual program with all of the same productivity, availability, and benefits as our in-person program. More details

one size does not fit all!

There is no such thing as “one size fits all.” Everyone is unique and weight is subjective. One person’s idea of overweight is another person’s idea of just right. We can help you decide what is good and healthy for you.

We also know that successful, lasting weight loss requires the right mix of clinical and lifestyle support to fit the way you live. That’s why we take a highly personalized, clinical approach to weight loss and management - with the science and support that’s tailored for you.

Your personal BodyShop MD Weight Loss team of healthcare professionals who are experts in weight management - will customize a program just for you, and provide the caring, one-on-one support you need to keep going, every day, every step of the way.

how we are different

The secret to BodyShop MD Weight Loss is our individualized plans, specifically catered to your needs and personal goals.

Your weight loss will be supervised within a safe, effective, physician-directed plan where only the best weight loss methods have proven to work.

Services include: full blood analysis and EKG, body fat analysis, FDA approved medications (appetite suppressants), Lipotropic injections (skinny shot), personalized meal plans, supervised workouts, B12 and B complex injections.

We offer a basic balenced diet, a modified liquid protein diet, low carb, ketogenic and Dr. Emma's HCG diet to name a few!

Price starts at $175 a month with NO contract required.